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      HFU is involved in many networks, regional work groups and cooperative projects outside the university. As a university of applied sciences, our applied orientation and teaching staff with workplace experience, make us ideal partners in such initiatives.

      Community engagement

      Furtwangen University staff and students engage with the community in various ways. On the Furtwangen Campus, for example, a "Honeyversity" bee education path has been laid along the River Breg and 3 bee colonies have been settled between the G and the I Buildings. With his two swim marathons, "Rheines Wasser" (River Rhine, 2014) and "TenneSwim" (Tennessee River, USA, 2017), Prof. Dr. Andreas Fath was able to demonstrate the levels of pollution, from microplastics to medicines, in the rivers and talks about the steps we have to take to achieve cleaner water. See project website: www.rheines-wasser.eu

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