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      Cooperative doctorates at HFU

      Furtwangen University offers its students the option of continuous academic progression from a bachelor's degree, through a master's, right up to a doctoral degree.

      Many HFU master's graduates have already continued on an academic career by doing a PhD and becoming professors.

      How can I gain a doctorate at HFU?

      Although Furtwangen University is not currently authorized to award doctoral degrees, German university regulations encourage cooperative doctorate schemes. Supervision is carried out by a Furtwangen University professor, while the doctoral thesis is submitted to one of our cooperation partners. HFU cooperates on doctoral programmes with universities both in Germany, with a graduate school of the University of Freiburg, and abroad, through the PhD programmes of the University of Plymouth (GB) and the universities of Linz (A) and Mulhouse (F). Cooperation is not limited to existing partnerships and can be set up on an individual basis to achieve the optimal specialist location for the doctoral work.

      HFU is one of the most active universities of applied sciences in Baden-Württemberg in the area of research. Many of our professors are involved in a wide range of research projects across our research themes, supported by young academics who are working towards their PhDs. There are currently approximately 60 doctoral candidates at HFU, carrying out research in such areas as microstructures, production engineering, computer science, IT security and processes of social change.

      The University supports these academic careers through the HFU Graduate School, which doctoral candidates can apply to for support.

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