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      Most events are currently only available in German.

      Importing HFU calendar into your own calender software

      If you have a digital calendar such as Outlook or Google, in a few simple steps you can import the HFU calendar to stay up-to-date.


      • Switch to the "Calendar" module of Outlook
      • Under "Kalender" click on "Start"
      • Right-click with your mouse on "Meine Kalender"
      • Under "Kalender hinzufügen" select "Aus dem Internet…"
      • Enter the following address: http://www.pinian.org.cn/hfu-kalender.ics
        (Please note: the "https://" must also be entered)
      • Confirm the security question "M?chten Sie diesen Internetkalender Outlook hinzufügen und ?nderungen abonnieren?" by clicking on "Ja"
      • In the Outlook Calendar there is now a separate HFU calendar which must be renamed. This is automatically updated when Outlook is connected with the internet.

      Google calender

      • Click on "Kalender importieren" in your Google calendar.
      • Click on "Datei ausw?hlen" and select the HFU-ical file from: www.pinian.org.cn/hfu-kalender.ics
      • Click on "?ffnen".
      • Select the Google calendar into which you want to import your HFU dates and click on "Importieren".
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